Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

The Versatility Of Metal Clad: A Material For Various Needs

by Felix Mason

Metal clad is a type of construction material that is widely used in many industries. It is made up of a metal sheath that protects an underlying insulation layer. This material has a lot of uses, and it is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to fire and moisture. This blog post will explore the many applications of metal clad in different fields.


If you have seen a building under construction, you may notice that some of the materials used to make the exterior walls are metal clad. This type of material is popular in commercial and industrial buildings because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It is also a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of a building without compromising its strength.

Electrical Wiring

Metal clad is commonly used in electrical wiring because of its durability and resistance to high temperatures. It provides an extra layer of security to the wiring system and protects against damage. You can find metal clad wiring used in many different settings, such as homes, offices, and factories.

HVAC Ductwork

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) require ductwork to transport air throughout the building. Metal clad is a popular material used in HVAC ductwork because it is strong enough to handle high-pressure airflows. It is also resistant to moisture and rust, which is crucial in ensuring that the air quality remains clean.

Food Service Equipment

Metal clad is a common material used in food service equipment like refrigerators and ovens. This material is perfect for food service because it is easy to clean, hygienic, and resistant to corrosion. This makes it a safe choice for commercial kitchens and food processing plants.


Modern buildings can have issues with sound escaping from one room to another. Metal clad has sound-insulating properties that make it an effective material for soundproofing walls and doors. 

Metal clad is a versatile material that has numerous applications in various industries. It is used in construction for exterior walls, electrical wiring, HVAC ductwork, food service equipment, and soundproofing. Metal clad's durability and resistance to fire and moisture make it ideal for places where other materials might fail. Its excellent sound-insulating properties make it an essential component of modern buildings. With its many benefits, metal clad is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a material that can withstand harsh environments and last for a long time without deteriorating.

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