Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

3 Reasons To Use Stud Welding On Structural Steel Work

by Felix Mason

If you need to weld joints in structural steel, then you have to find the most appropriate welding technique for the build. Often, stud welding is a good option. When might this be the right welding choice?

You Need To Maintain Structural Integrity

Some welding and fastening techniques have negative effects on structural steel builds. Sometimes, general welds create their own weak areas between two pieces of steel. For example, if you have to cut into the steel to set up a connection, then it loses some strength. You create a weak spot in the metal. As well as reducing the strength of the metal, holes and cut-outs might also allow water or moisture to get inside it. This can cause some damage later that might affect the integrity of the steel

Stud welding actually strengthens its working surfaces. A welded stud joint is stronger than the sum of the underlying steel or the stud itself. Plus, you don't have to cut into the metal to make these welds. Water won't cause a problem if it doesn't have access holes or spaces.

You Can Only Access One Side Of The Metal

Sometimes, you'll find it hard to weld materials together if you can only access one side of the metal. You need access to both sides to make effective joints. Stud welding works well here. You only work on one side of the metal during these jobs. It doesn't matter if you can't access the other side. As long as you can work on the side that takes the stud, you're good to go.

You Need A High-Quality Cosmetic Finish

While welds create effective connections and joints, they don't always look great from a cosmetic perspective. You can see the weld lines on a piece of material or between two joints. This can be a problem if one side of your steel products faces out and they need to look smooth and polished all over.

The fact that you stud weld on one side of the material helps here. You can keep the welds on the hidden side of the steel. They don't pass through to the other side. So, your steel will look smooth, clean, and untouched. Anyone who sees it won't know that it has a weld on the back.

To find out more about stud welding and whether this is the right solution for your project, ask local structural steel welding services for advice.


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