Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

How To Successfully Approach Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds

by Felix Mason

Rebuilds are typically performed on hydraulic cylinders when a good amount of restoration needs to be performed in a cost-effective way. It might be a solution if you have a cylinder that isn't able to perform up to your standards anymore. These steps will make the hydraulic cylinder rebuild process more approachable. 

Get Assistance When High Tension Springs are Involved

There are some hydraulic cylinders that are built with high tension springs. They are typically used to help maintain structural integrity and they do carry a lot of inherent force. Thus, it's probably best to work with a rebuild professional when working with a cylinder that has them.

Then, you won't put yourself in a dangerous situation because you manipulated these springs incorrectly. A professional will see that this doesn't happen by observing this part of the rebuild and making sure these tension springs are removed and manipulated according to the right procedures.

Don't Let Downtime Caused by Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild go Unchecked 

If hydraulic cylinders are a major part of the equipment that you use in a work setting, then you don't want this rebuild process to take a long time. If it did, then that's a lot of downtime that could end up costing you money since the equipment isn't able to rely on a certain hydraulic cylinder anymore.

You want to reduce this downtime as best you can, which might involve working with professionals that have completed cylinder rebuilds before, setting up the right rebuild stations, and already have materials shipped out before this rebuild even begins.

Avoid Repairs That Create More Problems

There will be some components in this hydraulic cylinder rebuild that are more trouble than they're worth in terms of repair. Trying to push through a repair with them may cause more issues, and then the rebuild is a lot harder to complete.

You need to know what components on the hydraulic cylinder are functioning correctly so that you can just skip past them and move on to something that's more meaningful. Then your rebuild process will be more strategic and end up having positive results on hydraulic cylinder performance.

There are going to be hydraulic cylinders that reach a state where rebuilds are necessary. If you ever get to this point with one of your work site's hydraulic cylinders, take a thorough approach to this rebuild to where even simple mistakes are cut from the restoration equation. 


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