Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Top Types Of Training That A Structural Steel Erection Contractor Might Have

by Felix Mason

When having a structural steel building constructed, you will typically need to work with a structural steel erection company. The professionals who work for these companies are typically well-trained and experienced, so they are ready to tackle all sorts of building projects that involve structural steel. These are some of the main types of training that the members of your structural steel erection crew might have.

Safety Training

Structural steel erection contractors typically must undergo safety training. After all, they may have to work on scaffolds or otherwise work at heights, so they have to know how to keep themselves safe when working at heights. Additionally, they have to have basic training that focuses on basic construction site safety. They should also understand which building techniques are required to ensure that the structure that they are building is actually safe for use.

Welding Certification

Welding is typically a big part of any structural steel erection project. Therefore, at least some of the members of your structural steel erection crew should have welding training and should be certified to operate stick welders and other welding equipment. This is important to ensure that they are properly qualified to use a welding machine and that they know how to perform proper welding on structural steel since this can have a big impact on the appearance and durability of your structure.

Blueprint Reading

You probably have blueprints or building plans that are supposed to be followed when your structural steel structure is built. Reading blueprints can be more challenging than many people think, but someone who works as a structural steel erection contractor should have training and experience with reading and following blueprints. This is important since it can make the difference between your structure turning out just like you want it to or there being issues with the way that your structure is built.

Crane Operation

Although not all of the members of your structural steel erection crew might have training related to cranes, there is a very good chance that one or more cranes will need to be used in order to lift and move large pieces of structural steel. Therefore, not only should the crew have access to a crane that can be used for this purpose, but at least one person will need to have crane operation training and the necessary certifications to operate the crane legally on the construction site.


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