Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Popular Applications Of Custom Plastic Tubing In 3 Major Industries

by Felix Mason

Due to its versatility, plastic tubing has been in use by numerous fields for years. Plastic is a convenient and reliable material that is ideal for multiple purposes, including industrial tools, medical equipment, residential purposes, and food processing. Today, manufacturers are able to efficiently create highly useful and customized plastic tubing for the many sectors that benefit from the finished product. Here are some of the most popular applications for custom plastic tubing across a variety of major industries. 

1) Medical 

The healthcare industry regularly utilizes custom plastic tubing for several reasons. The resilience and adaptability of plastic tubing lends well to the rigid safety standards of medical equipment. From catheters to IV drips, plastic tubing in the medical field typically consists of non-toxic materials that have been thoroughly sterilized.

Additionally, since there are so many clinical and diagnostic purposes for these products, medical grade plastic tubing is frequently customized into a wide range of lengths and shapes. For example, medical plastic tubing is commonly used in single-use pipettes, respiratory aid devices, and pumps. Plastics manufacturers take great care to fabricate tubing that conforms to medical compliance requirements so that patients can use important equipment for their best health. 

2) Construction 

Building projects routinely incorporate custom plastic tubing as well. With its ability to resist corrosion and high temperature changes, plastic is a durable material that can help guarantee the longevity of all types of commercial and residential structures. Even if complicated design elements are requested for a construction job, manufacturers can produce customized plastic tubing to fit every customer's needs.

Plastic can also provide excellent functionality at an affordable cost. It is easy to transport and install, so contractors often save money and labor hours with plastic tubing. Some typical uses for custom plastic tubing in construction are window trims, plumbing pipes, cable ducts, and shower seals. 

3) Transportation 

Custom plastic tubing is present in the transportation sector too. Found in automobiles, airplanes, boats, and trains, plastic is instrumental in the operation of the vehicles that move people from one place to another. Plastic is ideal for transportation because it increases energy efficiency with its lightweight design and construction. The tubing also securely transfers fuel and hydraulic fluids while meeting automotive regulatory standards.

Ultimately, the use of custom plastic tubing is a relatively simple way of replacing the heavier quality of parts that have traditionally been metal under the hood of a car or in the plumbing system on a boat. Custom plastic tubing is seen in vehicle door frames, light diffusers, cable sheaths and covers, and body trims.

The diverse applications for custom plastic tubing have certainly helped make life easier for people all over the world. If you need plastic tubing for your own purposes, be sure to reach out to a manufacturer for further assistance. Click here to find out more.


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