Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Laser Cutting: Why?

by Felix Mason

Even if you don't have an industrial business, you may use fabrication companies to craft certain metal pieces for use in equipment or products. Laser cutting is probably something you have some information about, but you might not be using it for your own pieces. Why should you?

1-Faster Turnaround

You may have planned out the pieces you'll need from the fabrication shop for the next month or two, taking into account how long those pieces will take to get fabricated. However, with laser cutting, those pieces could be created and delivered faster. Fabrication staff don't have to get individual bits and materials before they start; when your design is loaded into their laser software, the laser will do all the work. This can mean that your entire production line can proceed more quickly. You might see a rise in productivity throughout your company if you start requesting laser cutting for the work you send to fabrication shops.

2-Less Finishing Work

Your pieces may arrive at your facility sanded or polished. However, usually there will be extra costs for those actions; typical fabrication machines leave pieces rough and in need of cleaner corners and edges. However, when metal is sliced through by a laser, the corners and edges are markedly smoother. This means that the pieces can go from the cutting floor to your facility much quicker, and you won't have to pay more for polishing, sanding, and other finishing work when you place orders.

3-Easier Adjustments

Whenever you use lasers, you can put a quick stop to the production process when you discover a calculation error or you change your mind. All that happens is the laser is turned off; with a new loaded 3D design, your new pieces are quickly fabricated. With other methods, the cutting machine might need to be re-configured or different bits might be needed. That can mean hours of additional work or time spent waiting. For ease when changes are needed, laser cutting is often a better choice than other cutting alternatives.

4-Better Uniformity

Traditional machines, after time, will need blades, bits, and other parts to be replaced to keep uniformity among your fabricated pieces. Metal pieces may stop looking exactly the same if blades are dull, for instance, because they might cut each piece slightly differently. With lasers, the cut is always the same; all pieces will look uniform. 

You may discover that laser cutting improves quality, gets your products out to the public quicker and saves money overall. Talk to contacts at your fabrication shop to learn what laser cutting services are available and relevant to the pieces you'll need.

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