Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Signs The Soil On Your Property Needs To Be Stabilized

by Felix Mason

While the term "soil stabilization" may seem odd, (why would you need to make the earth more stable than it is?) the truth is that not all ground is compact. Some may have been compacted during the preparation stage of building a new home, but this process does not reach deep underground. Tree roots, the water table, and the type of soil may allow for shifting and movement once heavy structures are placed on the ground. This would include your home, a cement driveway, or any outbuildings you may have. Stabilizing the soil is done to prevent sinking or shifting and causing damage to the structure. Here are a few signs you need to contact a professional to have your soil stabilized.

Trees and Fence Posts Leaning

If a tree has been damaged in any way, you may notice the trunk leans. However, if the tree is healthy, and without any damage, the truck should grow tall and straight. When the ground is not stable, the roots will slip in the soil, causing the trunk to lean to the side that has sunk lower into the ground. If you notice that the fence posts around your property are beginning to lean, it is usually due to unstable ground too. 

Broken Concrete

You may have a concrete driveway or patio, or your foundation may be a concrete slab. If you notice that there are cracks in the cement, have a professional inspect it to see if it is a ground problem or if the concrete was improperly poured or cured. When the cement cracks, lifts, and separates it is almost always due to unstable ground. You should also check the concrete or block walls in the basement if you have one as this area will often start to shift and crack first when there is a problem underground.

Sink Holes

If you notice areas of the yard that are soft, or places where vehicles tend to sink in a bit when you drive over the spot, you have soft soil that needs to be stabilized. Eventually, the area will become very soft and may pose a threat to anyone waling over the area. 

Contact a company like Luckey T Sons' Inc that specializes in soil stabilization to inspect your yard and all the buildings on it. There are a few different options for correcting the problem, but it will depend on why the soil is soft. Once the inspection is complete, and the soil has been analyzed the professionals will be able to explain the option that will work best for your property.


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