Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Crimp Styles For Your Wire Mesh Panels

by Felix Mason

Many industries, including the petro-chemical and architectural industries, rely on wire mesh panels to provide filtration or act as an air-permeable guard for delicate equipment.

Wire mesh panels come in many different sizes and can be made from different materials. In addition to these options, you also have the ability to customize the crimp style on the interwoven wires that create the mesh portion of the panel.

Selecting the right crimp style will ensure that your wire mesh panel functions as you intend it to over time.

Double Crimp

A double crimp is one of the most basic types of mesh patterns found in the production of mesh screens. This crimp style results from a basic weave, with one strand being woven between several others facing the opposite direction.

The resulting mesh features square openings that are all uniform in size. A double crimp mesh panel is a great option for applications where you need to filter out materials of differing sizes or where the size of the mesh openings doesn't really matter.

Flat Top Crimp

A flat top crimp is a unique approach to the creation of wire mesh screens. The primary objective of a flat top crimp is to maintain a relatively smooth surface over which materials can move with ease. The mesh screens that are manufactured with a flat top crimp are usually found on conveyor belts in warehouse or industrial settings.

To create a flat top crimp, each of the crimp points are offset onto a single side. This leaves one side smooth without compromising the integrity of the screen itself.


Another popular crimp choice for mesh screens is an intercrimp. This crimp style requires that the woven wires in one direction be crimped at regular intervals. A second set of wires will then be fed through at every other crimp interval.

An intercrimp design can produce a rigid and stable mesh screen product while keeping the overall weight of the screen relatively low. Intercrimp screens are found in many architectural settings because of the stability they provide.

If you are in the market for a mesh screen, you need to give careful consideration to the type of crimp style that will best serve your needs. Factor in weight, strength, durability, and filtration ability before you decide on a crimp pattern. Each of these elements will be affected by the crimp pattern used in the manufacturing of your mesh screen.

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