Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

CNC Machine Tools Spare Parts Every Machining Shop Should Have Around

by Felix Mason

Having CNC (computer numerical control) machining equipment in use in your machine shop is truly a valuable thing, but these complex pieces of equipment also need occasional maintenance. Every once in a while, a part will go out and will have to be replaced. Unfortunately, when one part of your CNC equipment is dysfunctional, it can render the entire setup useless. Here is a look at some of the CNC machine tools spare parts to keep on hand in your shop. 

Power Supply Modules 

CNC machines have power supply modules that control how much voltage or power is relayed to different parts of the machine during operation. The amount fo power sent can depend on what function is being performed, the material the machine is working on, and other factors. Since adjustments frequently have to be made to the power supply in the machine, the power supply module works hard to keep up with the changing demands, and the unit will occasionally have to be replaced. Having at least one power supply module on hand is a good idea for any machine shop owner because some modules on older machines can be harder to track down. 

Spindle Drives 

Spindle drives are the parts of the motor that drive different mechanical parts to perform certain actions. The drives on most CNC machines look like spindles; they have a cylindrical shape that slips onto a roller arm of sorts and the unit rolls to push and pull metal pieces or units as commanded by the computer input system. Spindles can sustain signs of wear and tear with time, and they can also get soiled with debris and residue from the pieces that are being driven by the spindle. Therefore, the spindles do frequently have to be replaced. 

CNC Cutters 

The cutters that are used to shape and form the metal pieces that are run through the CNC machine get perhaps more use than any other part of the equipment. Most machining shops will keep several cutters for their CNC machines on hand for that exact reason. Some blades can be sharpened to continue to function well, and others will have to be completely replaced. The cutters can be easily replaced on most machines, so having some extras on hand can make things much easier to handle once one cutter blade grows dull. You can simply swap out the cutter wheels and sharpen those not in use when you have time. 


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