Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Generate A Lot Of Scrap Metal At Your Worksite? What To Do With It

by Felix Mason

Some jobs result in the creation of a lot of scrap metal. If you run a job site, manufacturing location, or other industrial location where scrap metal is created as a by-product of your regular business, you need to have a plan for that scrap metal.  

Scrap Metal Is Valuable 

Scrap metal is very valuable. Most metals can be melted down and used again. Some of the most valuable metal to recycle are copper and steel. Old metal can be reused many times over if it is properly recycled instead of sent to the trash.  

You can make money from the scrap metal that your business creates. The value of the scrap metal that your business creates depends upon the type of metal, but you can make money by recycling your scrap metal instead of losing money by paying to throw away your scrap metal.  

Lots of Metal Can Be Scrapped 

It is not just steel and copper that can be recycled for money. Most industrial scrap metal pick-up services pick up a wide variety of metal items. Some of the most commonly recycled types of metal, other than copper and steel, include iron, brass, bronze, tin, and aluminum.  

If you have a type of metal that you are not sure about, just give your local industrial scrap metal pickup service a call and see if they accept that type of metal. There is a market for recycling almost all common metals.  

Collecting Your Scrap Metal 

You will need to collect your scrap metal to make it easy to pick up. The collection process doesn't have to be complicated. You can collect the scrap metal in bins or buckets. Usually it works best to set up bins or buckets for the scrap metal near where the scraps are generated; that way throwing away the scrap metal to be recycled just becomes a regular part of your business process.  

Picking Up the Scrap Metal 

You don't have to get all your scrap metal together and haul it to the recycling center. That can be time consuming and laborious for what is essentially a side venture for your business. Instead, you can hire an industrial scrap metal service to pick up your scrap metal for you. Some pick-up services require an upfront payment, and other pick up services just take part of the profits that you make off the scrap metal as payment.  

When it comes to dealing with scrap metal at work, don't underestimate its value. Recycling your scrap metal is a great way to make some extra money, and all you need to do is collect it on site and have an industrial scrap metal pickup company come and pick up the metal for you. 


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