Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

What You Need To Know About Purchasing Industrial Angle Heads

by Felix Mason

Whether you own a massive industrial-size CNC lathe or a small hobby-size CNC machine, you will need to purchase some angle heads for it at some point. Angle heads are manufactured in a variety of different styles to meet various machining needs.

Industrial Angle Head Use

Though hobbyists do use smaller angle heads on their mini-CNC machines, most are used in milling-heavy industries, such as the medical, aerospace, energy, firearm, and automotive industries. These addon heads provide high levels of torque, very fast spindle speeds, and complete 360-degree rotations.

Angle heads enhance a machine's ability to cut, drill, and tap with great accuracy and to do so in a variety of different directions without requiring multiple repositions of the part being worked.

The 4 Industrial Angle Head Styles

By selecting the correct style of angle head, you can ensure your machined parts meet detailed specifications and even the tightest clearances.

The four main types of angle heads used in industry today are:

  1. standard (onset or offset alignments)
  2. dual-output
  3. extended-length slim
  4. adjustable

Here's a bit of information about each style and when they are most appropriate for use:

1. Standard Angle Heads (Onset or Offset Alignments)

Standard angle heads come in both onset and offset alignments. They are designed to work on parts with no clearance issues in heavy milling environments.

2: Dual-Output Angle Heads

As their name implies, dual-output angle heads have two distinct milling heads. Dual-output heads are ideal for high-production environments where machining two parts at one time is required. As with standard angle heads, dual-output are better used on parts without tight clearance requirements.

3. Extended-Length (Slim) Angle Heads

Extended-length, also referred to as slim, angle heads are designed for use in restricted space machining applications. Slim heads can tolerate very long drill or tapping bits and can machine parts to very tight tolerances.

4. Adjustable Angle Heads

Adjustable angle heads are designed to rotate a bit at a 360-degree angle. This is fantastic when you need to drill, tap, or cut one part in a variety of different places.

Who to Contact For More Information About Industrial Angle Heads or to Purchase Custom Heads

Finally, if you need to purchase angle heads for any industrial application and need some advice or to have a custom angle head manufactured, then you can easily contact any of the various manufacturers via their website contact forms or customer service phone numbers online. Reach out to your angle head manufacturer today.


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