Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

What You Need To Know About Shoulder Bolts

by Felix Mason

Fasteners play an important role in helping to assemble various machines and mechanical components. Many different types of fasteners are available on the market today, and each serves a unique purpose.

Shoulder bolts are one type of highly specialized fastener you may want to consider for your next project. If you are able to understand what shoulder bolts are and how they work, you will be able to see the value that these fasteners can bring to your project.

Shoulder Bolt Design

One of the things that sets shoulder bolts apart from other types of fasteners is the unique design of these pieces. A shoulder bolt features a long, smooth shaft that is flanked by a head and a smaller threaded section.

The combination of the smooth surface and the threaded area allows shoulder bolts to serve multiple purposes within the design of a machine. 

Shoulder Bolt Function

A shoulder bolt has the ability to act as not only a fastener, but as a spacer and bearing surface as well. The threaded portion of the shoulder bolt fastens two individual components together. The smooth part of the bolt's shaft leaves a space above the fastening point.

This space can allow for the rotation of components and act as a spacer between components. The diameter of the smooth portion of the shaft is larger than the diameter of the threaded portion, giving the shoulder bolt added stability and ensuring that the threaded area will not be exposed after installation.

Uses for Shoulder Bolts

Because the design of shoulder bolts is so unique, they can be used in a variety of applications. Assemblies that need access to free rotation, like pulleys or gears, can benefit from the use of shoulder bolts in their construction. You will also find shoulder bolts in the moving parts of engines (like cam shafts) and in wheel assemblies.

Anytime free movement is an important design element, a shoulder bolt will be the best option to allow for this movement while providing a secure fastening point between components.

Shoulder bolts can enhance the performance of most assemblies and ensure that moving parts are able to function properly.

You can find shoulder bolts made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and other metal alloys. This variation in material construction ensures you will be able to find a shoulder bolt that is capable of withstanding environmental conditions to securely fasten components in place. For more information, contact suppliers of shoulder bolts.


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