Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Completing Manufacturing Jobs

Have A Chemical Processing Plant And Need A Cooling Tower? 5 Parts Involved In The Process

by Felix Mason

If you have a chemical processing plant, it is essential that you have a cooling tower. This is because a cooling tower is needed to remove heat from water steam and then lower the temperature in the steam. If you are having a tower installed, there are many parts involved in this process, five of which are listed below. You can also have a tower custom made for you, so how it is made will determine the parts used.

Intake Louvers

One part of a cooling tower is the intake louvers. This part equalizes air that flows into the fill. The intake louvers also prevent the water that is inside the cooling tower from leaking out. The last thing you want is for this to happen, as the cooling process would not work properly if the water starts to leak.

Wet Deck

The wet deck is also referred to as a water distribution deck. This part has a certain number of nozzles. How many nozzles there are on the deck does depend on the size of the cooling tower. The nozzles spray water onto the chemicals that you are using to cool the chemicals down. The main goal of a wet deck is to increase the heat transfer process.

Cool Water Basin

The cool water basis is where water collects after it has been cooled and discharged from the cooling tower. The basin is generally installed at the cooling tower base. How large the basin is depends on the size of the tower that you install. You do have to periodically check the basin as it will need to be emptied if it becomes full. Some basins also have a drainage system attached to automatically drain the water and direct the water to another area.

Electronic Instruments

A cooling tower has many instruments that allow it to run efficiently and properly. Some of these instruments include the water pumps, cables, connectors, driveshafts, and gear boxes. If any of these instruments were to go down, this could cause problems with the entire cooling tower.

Cooling Fans

Another part of a cooling tower is the industrial fans. These are one of the most important custom tower parts, as the fans is what provides a proper draft, and the fans also increase the cooling method. Fans also prevent mold and mildew from forming on wet surfaces and can prevent bad bacteria from forming. Fans can be installed to hang over the tower, inside the tower, or below the tower.

Talk to the company that is installing your cooling tower for you. They can go over the above information with you in much more detail. 


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